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Our Services

what we do

We provide you with a holistic approach model that is meant to support your goals and delivers results, and as your body responds to acupuncture treatment, appropriate diet modifications and other life style modifications you will begin to sense and develop an instinctive assistance to your own body’s healing process.

Treatment modalities and Charges

Expect your initial consultation to last about 90 minutes. This is the time when we review your medical history and collect relevant information, as well as examining your tongue and your pulse among others Chinese Medical modes of examination that will assist us in identifying the pattern discrimination associated with your manifestations and our findings which ultimately dictates the course of your treatment.

Important notes concerning your charges:

Initial Consultation

  • 90 minutes $105

Each individual Acupuncture session

  • 45-50 minutes $60

Cupping Therapy

  • 30 minutes $35

Acupuncture + Cupping Therapy

  • 70 - 80 minutes $80

    Acupuncture - $60 + Cupping - $20

Treatment Package

  • 10 treatments $540 ($600 value)
  • Packages are the choice when chronic/long lasting conditions or multiple conditions are to be addressed.
  • Packages are applied towards ongoing treatments and do not include the first visit.
  • Payments for packages are due at the time they are purchased, they are not refundable and should be used in the first year from the time of purchasing otherwise they expire.
  • The patient is always reminded of his/her package usage on each appointment.
  • Combined treatments – Cupping + Acupuncture – which is in some instances recommended by your practitioner, it is not included in the package and there will be additional charges of $20.00.