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ZhìNéng QìGōng Science Course

We are pleased to announce that at Balance of Harmony Acupuncture, we are offering ZhìNéng QìGōng classes. We teach these classes at our clinic during scheduled weekends. Learning ZhìNéng QìGōng is very rewarding and provides you with a tool that can transform your life in many positive ways. A daily practice of ZhìNéng QìGōng will help to strengthen the body as a result of a more abundant, balanced, and uninterrupted flow of Qì and Blood, maintain a robust immune system, keep your emotions balanced and maintain a clear mind, among other benefits. During this course, participants learn the fundamental theory of ZhìNéng QìGōng Science, its cultural and historical framework, as well as the physical, emotional, and mental aspects associated with this practice and culture. You

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A brief introduction. Qìgōng (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese practice and a component of the Chinese Medical system that involves specific rhythmic physical movements, stillness – meditation – and purposeful controlled breathing. Although there are many different forms and styles of Qìgōng, they all use specific exercises or physical movements involving the Acupuncture Meridian System, the intention of the mind, and controlled breathing with the sole purpose of enhancing the flow and level of Qi (pronounced chee) in the body to prevent illnesses, promote healing, and optimal health, as well as cultivate spirituality and prompt happiness. The word Qìgōng has two characters; the first is Qì (chee) translated into “vital energy,” “breath,” “spirit,” and even “information,” being the vital energy, the most used one.

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